Our Mentors


Dr Low Hin Yang

Dr Low Hin Yang is Executive Director of the TF Group, a home grown business with diversified interests.

He has a more than 35 years of experience in the national, regional and international business arena. He received his formal education as a civil engineer with a First Class Honours Degree from Leeds University and a Ph.D from Cambridge University, UK. Prior to leading the TF Group, he was the country head in Malaysia of a renowned Norwegian Oil and Gas Consultancy and was also the Chief Operating Officer of the Construction Materials Division of a public listed company in Malaysia.

Dr. Low is responsible for transforming the TF Group from a family business into a well-structured modern business entity with sustainable growth. He is also active in charity work and works tirelessly on environmental issues, sustainable development, and helping the less fortunate. He also coaches budding entrepreneurs.



Warren is the Managing Director of Unicorn Hub.

Warren graduated with a Bachelor’s in Applied Science degree from RMIT, Melbourne.

Warren has accumulated years of consulting experience in large international corporations as well as law firms in Australia and Malaysia.

Coming from a strong corporate background and now managing his own business, Warren has a good grip on challenges and problems faced by new businesses.

Warren is well versed with the complexities and the ins and outs of setting up new businesses, process management challenges, and the many facets involved in managing a business.


Dato’ Sri Low Long Yang

Dato’ Sri Low was the managing director of TF Value-Mart (TFVM) and was responsible for transforming TFVM into a leading supermarket chain with a national footprint. The chain was divested to an international investor in 2015.

Dato’ Sri Low has more than 3 decades of experience in the retail industry and has intimate knowledge of the Malaysian market.

He has accumulated extensive knowledge of supply chain management and has nurtured long standing relationships with both Malaysian suppliers as well as suppliers from China.

Dato’ Sri Low is the current Chairman of the Bentong Chinese Town Hall as well as The West Pahang Chinese Physicians and Druggists Association.

Dato’ Sri Low is very active in community work and holds numerous leadership positions in NGO’s and community-based associations.



Dato’ Sam is an accountant by profession and is a well-respected figure in the Malaysian and international business communities.

He was an established banker and has also accumulated vast corporate experience.

Dato’ Sam has intimate knowledge of the finance industry and has expertise in M&A’s and corporate restructuring.

Dato’ Sam has a wide network of contacts in the finance industry both in Malaysia as well as in Australia.

Dato’ Sam has an established track record in international investments and is an accomplished investor.


LOW wei loon

Wei Loon is a corporate lawyer by profession and has various exposure in corporate dealings before embarking on his entrepreneurial journey.

In 2013 he founded luxury shirt maker Wayne Lowe, offering comfortable, eco-friendly dress shirts for men. Wayne Lowe now partners with world class Italian fabric mills such as Cotonificio Albini, Thomas Mason and Tessitura Monti and has been featured by prominent papers such as The Edge on TheEdgeTv.

Believing that one should always align the purpose of what one does with the betterment of humanity, Wei Loon is also involved in tech-based start-ups focusing on solving and stream-lining real-life problems faced by the public.

He is now working hand in hand with passionate technopreneurs to solve problems related to the property sector in Malaysia.

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